Monday, April 25, 2011

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

me + Hannah walking to the observatory (Hannah's on the right,I'm on the left)antenna-walk these are all pictures that Dad took at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, wich we went to a few days ago with my friend Hannah and her dad, Andrew. The topic was intresting, and the Radio Telescopes were super cool. But then a guy and this other dude and a tour guide asked if we wanted to join their tour, and it sounded fun, so we did, but the talk was actually 1 whole hour long and me and Hannah were dying of boredom after the first 10 minutes. But, all in all, it was worth it, because we had a fun time on the walking trail going there and back, and in the car, and after we all went for lunch in penticton and I had a whole can of root beer all to myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we do another dads+daughters outing again someday!


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